We are two FMH-certified obstetrician gynaecologists who met more than a decade ago and who worked in close collaboration in the hospital environment for many years. Having opened our respective practices in 2012 and 2015, we decided to combine our complementary interests and create a partnership within a joint practice, the Cabinet de gynécologie du Cossy, located in the residential neighbourhood of Précossy in Nyon.


The newly furnished premises house three large and bright consultation rooms as well as a treatment room. The practice is suitable for people with disabilities in terms of space and reception and is lift-accessible. In addition, the waiting room is equipped with a secure play corner, specially dedicated to accompanying children.

The practice caters to all types of gynaecological and obstetrical needs and to patients of all ages. We are also both obgyn consultants in Nyon Hospital (GHOL). As a consequence, we remain closely involved in the inpatient care of our patients.


We favour a patient-centred approach and remain particularly attentive to their concerns and questions regarding their gynaecological, obstetrical and psychosomatic needs.


To complete our care offer, we welcome Ms. Silvia Dias, an independent physiotherapist with a urogynaecology specialization and founder of the physiotherapy practice Physiocossy. This collaboration will allow us to promote the rapid initiation of perineal rehabilitation and the treatment of musculoskeletal and ligamental disorders of gynaecological and obstetrical origin.

Gynaecological check-ups, obstetrical check-ups, ultrasounds, contraception, infertility issues, adolescent gynaecology, deliveries, gynaecological surgery, all orientations welcome.

Dr Cissé’s office:
Dr Kempf’s office:
Ms. Silvia Dias (physiotherapist, PHYSIOCOSSY):

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 
9h00-12h00 and 13h30-16h00
Wednesday and Friday:


T : (022) 361 11 87
Email: secretariat.cisse@svmed.ch

Monday to Friday except Wednesday:
8h30-12h00 and 13h00-16h30 


T : (022) 361 11 93
Email : secretariat.kempf@svmed.ch

Phone: 076 205 39 41

Important Information


If the line is busy, the assistant is with a patient or your wish to contact us occurs off-hours, please do not hesitate to send us an email on our secure server instead, briefly describing your wish in the subject title (e.g. “request for an appointment”, “request for a copy of my results” etc). Feel free to detail any specific questions or concerns in the email itself. 

For patients who wish to detail their symptoms and/or requests in English, we recommend using email as your request can directly be shown to us and answered accurately.


All new patients will be asked to provide contact and insurance details by email prior to their first appointment. They will also be asked to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment time, in order to allow for the creation of a new patient file and the measurement of your vital signs. 


If you are pregnant or have urinary symptoms, please arrive with a full bladder to provide a urinary sample upon arrival.


Missed unexcused appointments will unfortunately be billed.